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"Does It Work"-10/23/07

Mini Easy Whip by Isi: "Does It Work?"

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and this week's "Does It Work?" product may be just the cooking tool to make your meal complete. All the way from Vienna, Austria, comes the Mini Easy Whip made by Isi.

In three easy steps, it's supposed to make fresh, homemade whipped cream. It's basically a metal bottle with a screw-on lid. But the lid is very special. More on that in a moment.

Pour a half pint of whipping cream in. Screw on the lid and you're almost done. Next take the supplied metal canister full of nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. There's a little cap that holds the canister. Put the canister inside and screw it on the lid. You'll hear the N2O seeping inside the bottle. Shake three or four times and unscrew the canister cap. Put the nozzle on and just like the canned whipping creams you use now, press down.

We got great fresh, unadulterated whipped cream. You can flavor it with sugar. Just make sure the sugar dissolves in the cream before you charge it with laughing gas.

The Mini Easy Whip is a bit pricey: $39.99 at Linens 'N Things. And the N2O is a dollar for a one time use canister. You can buy them in boxes of ten for ten dollars.

But if fresh and homemade is important to you, this is absolutely the easiest way to make homemade whipped cream.

"Does It Work?" We give the Mini Easy Whip a yes.

Joe Terrell, Reporting

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