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John Tyler High School Student Detained Following On-Campus Fight

Days after Friday's fight, Lee York's  his wounds are still evident.

"You send your kids to schools, you're thinking they're safe," says Lee's mother Vicky.

The fight happened after school in the back parking lot of John Tyler High School's campus.

Lee was knocked unconscious during the fight, which is why his family says he couldn't defend himself.

"It couldn't have been something that made (the other student) that angry to keep wanting to pound and beat up on my son!," says Vicky.

Lee father, Robert Barkins, adds, "By (this student) doing that he's no winner, that's a coward. Nothing but a coward."

Tyler ISD investigated the incident and says the student who attacked Lee is being charged with aggravated assault.

The district's investigation also found that Lee was harassing a girl prior to the altercation and the student who attacked him was coming to the girl's defense.

But Lee's family says nothing constitutes such a violent attack and wishes more people were around to come to his rescue.

"It should have been all over school, that's my issue where was security?," asks Vicky.

Lee received multiple stitches inside and outside his mouth. His upper palette had to be wired back in place, where he also received a metal plate.

"It's just like a movie or something. You get to the end and you start getting back to the same thing--why do they want to do him like this?," says Robert.

Lee's wounds will take quite a while to heal physically and maybe even longer emotionally.

KLTV 7 spoke with John Tyler Principal Michael McFarland.

He says the high school has ample security, with six security officers and two school resource officers.

He says one thing that will change is students will only be allowed to exit the front of the building now so that officers and teachers can keep an eye on them.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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