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7 On Your Side:Consumer Receives Long Overdue Refund

Patricia Feltes signed up for satellite service with Dish Network but canceled two months later so her grandchildren could focus on their studies.

"They want to watch television," says Patricia.

She knew she'd be hit with an early cancellation fee but was still shocked at the amount deducted from her account.

"[The bank] said that Dish Network took $586.67 out of my account," says Patricia.

Yikes! And she was nearly $400 in the red because of it!

Patricia says Dish told her she would be credited if she returned the satellite and remote.

She had the UPS receipt that confirms Dish received the equipment August 31st.  But two months passed and still no refund.

"When [the Dish representative] checked the computer they said, 'Well nothing has ever been processed. No one ever processed the check,'" recalls Patricia.

"It was frustrating and that's why I decided to write 7 On Your Side."

So we e-mailed Dish Network this letter detailing Patricia's problem and dismay that Dish's promise for a refund has taken this long. It was signed yours truly.

Seven days later this check to Patricia arrived in the mail.

"I knew it was 7 On Your Side!," says a satisfied Patricia.

She says it was a roller coaster ride going through the red tape of a big company. She'll probably have more fun putting this needed money to good use.

"When you're raising your grandchildren, it's always something that they need.  But it's going to be well spent," says Patricia.

Patricia believes Dish kept an additional portion of her refund. She says she was asked to return a piece of equipment that was on the satellite dish itself and she refused because it would mean climbing on top of her house to get it.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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