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Vietnam Veterans Say They Support Proposed Bill For Draft

The Associated Press reports that polls repeatedly show about seven out of ten Americans oppose a draft. But, here in East Texas, the idea is being met with a positive response from veterans we spoke with.  They say the draft would be a good thing for the people of this country.

"It made a better person out of me. It gave me a way better outlook in life," said Vietnam veteran C.C. Campbell. 

The 52-year-old signed up to serve in the military from 1970 to 1976. He spent part of that time in Vietnam. He thinks a mandatory draft would give a lot of young men without direction in life an opportunity. "If he goes to the military, he's got one shot and that one shot is going to make them a lot better man than that one time in the penitentiary," said Campbell.

Campbell says he thinks a lot of the people who end up in jail, should be given an option between jail time and a chance to serve. He says putting them on the front-lines will give them a way to channel their aggression and, at the same time, get discipline and an education.

"We call ourselves the police of the world: Americans. We try to police other countries, therefore, we need them," said Campbell.

Campbell's friend, Pat Halleck, was drafted to Vietnam when he was 18 years old, an experience he says he regrets. "We were fighting for something there's no way you would win in," said Halleck.   "You go over to another country where everything is completely different."

Halleck says the experience scarred him for life. But despite that, he says he saw a lot of other men who benefited from serving.

He and Campbell both agree it is time for the next generation do the same. "You want to be here in America, you have to bleed for America, you have to die for America," said Campbell.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.


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