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Reinstating A Military Draft: East Texas Military Families React To Proposal

Representative Charles Rangel proposal has caused quite a stir.   Many in East Texas have their own views on reinstating the military draft. Two East Texas fathers, who have sons already fighting in Iraq, shared their views.

"It will be 16 months December 1st," says Dennis Krumblis, son is serving in Iraq.

His 23 year old son, Ryan, is a soldier in Iraq.

"He wanted to go in because he like the structure of the army.  He also felt like he had a patriotic duty to do so," says Dennis.

It was Ryan's decision to join the army, but when it comes to reinstating a draft Ryan's father says he sees both sides.

"I could straddle the fence on that one.  Because if it is in the nation's best interest, if the people within the administration, Congress and Senate realize that we are in this for the long haul.  And if they realize we need a lot more personnel than what we have you sort of have to trust their judgment on that. On the other hand, that will bring back a lot of those feeling we had during Vietnam," says Dennis.

David Havens of Lindale served our country during the Vietnam war. Today, his 33 year old son Rich has been a soldier in Iraq for just 2 months.  David says he's strongly against a draft.

"I disagree totally.  I was a Vietnam solider and I know what facing the draft is like.  If they are not getting enough soldiers through normally enlistment then offer them more incentives don't draft. We ran a lot of our kids to other countries to avoid the draft," says David.

For now both fathers, David and Dennis, are counting the days until their sons are back on US soil.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.

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