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Perfect No More: Cowboys Hand Colts Their First Loss

The 1972 Miami Dolphins can once again pop open the champaign.  The Indianapolis Colts perfect season came to an end tonight at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys, 21-14. 

Peyton Manning's first trip to Texas Stadium proved less than stellar. The top quarterback on the NFL's top team was responsible for two of the Colts four turnovers, including Cowboy's linebacker Kevin Burnett's first career pick, which tied the game to open the second half.

"I could only enjoy it for about 30 seconds," Burnett said afterwards, "I had to go out there for kickoff."

The Cowboys "D" seemed to have a knack for stepping up at opportune times, including Roy Williams second quarter interception at the goal line, and the 4th and goal stop that sealed the win late in the fourth.

"The defense was outstanding," said Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.  "This one is on them."

"Great job by them," added Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens.  "I think that's why they are in the top five statistically."

"I don't know if anybody in the country thought we could win," said Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears.  "It was just a lot of guys in practice and in the locker room who was comfortable about who we are.  I'm not trying to write a book here, but we thought that we could beat them."

For just the second time this season, the Cowboys have put together back-to-back wins.

"You know as well as I do," Romo said,  "you're running out of games here when you are in the playoff hunt, and we needed this win badly.  The locker room was real exciting. Guys were hugging. Bill (Parcells) actually calmed down. He didn't kiss anyone so, I was able to give him a hug."

But, was it the biggest win of your career Tony?

"There actually was a game we played up against Waterford high school in high school," Romo said with a sly smile, "and they were really good at the time. That was a big one there too."

"That's a big win for us," Parcells said, "and I told them, the team, I think that ought to tell them something about what they are capable of."

It was a big win, but the Cowboys don't have much time to celebrate. Meetings begin bright and early Monday morning to prepare in earnest for Tampa Bay on Thursday.  Parcells said hopefully by next Friday, he'll be able to take a deep breath.

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