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Freedom Fighters: Johnny Hawkins

Over 33,000 Americans lost their lives in the Korean Conflict, with over 100,000 wounded. Although Johnny Hawkins was badly wounded in the battle for Heartbreak Ridge, he lived to tell his story.

Hawkins joined the U.S. Army in January of 1951. Before summer he was on the front lines in Korea, facing not only the North Korean Army, but a huge army of Chinese soldiers as well.

Hawkins made it through the ferocious battle for Pork Chop Hill without incident, but was wounded in the battle for Heartbreak Ridge.

Hawkins spent 17 months in hospitals, undergoing 5 surgeries and a series of skin grafts. He still has shrapal in his leg and some wounds that refuse to heal. But in spite of this, Johnny Hawkins says he's proud to have fcught for his country in Korea.


Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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