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Goodyear Talks Come To An End

The Goodyear talks in Cincinatti have ended, and the strike is going to continue. On Tuesday, Goodyear asked the union to come back to the negotiation table, but the union says Goodyear is not ready to move on the big issues. The issues are still keeping the Tyler plant open and saving retiree benefits. The steelworkers say the strike is hurting Goodyear.

"They can't fill their orders," said Joe Wyatt, USW Local 747L. "I know several, just around here of like the tire stores and things, they cant get the tires that they need, and I've heard NASCAR is having trouble getting the tires that they need and the big earth tires, I've heard some reports that they can't get tires."   At the beginning of the strike, seven weeks ago, Goodyear said it had a tire supply to last 90 days. Local union president Jim Wansley says he's on his way back from Cincinnati and that no further talks have been scheduled.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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