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11/16/06-East Texas

Waiting To Get A PS3

Sony's Playstation 3 is considered the "it" item this Christmas. That's why hundreds of East Texans have been waiting in line. Stores here and across the nation will begin selling the game system at midnight Friday morning. And people are going to great lengths to be the first to have one. 

"You got the hi-fi, you got the wireless remote, you got the blue ray technology...it's the ultimate, it is truly the ultimate," says Matthew Johnson.

What he's talking about is the new Playstation 3--Sony's newest game console that boasts the latest technology, which means better graphics, bigger memory and the ability to play online easier.

"Anything that's new you know brings people in," says Best Buy's media specialist, Michael Reed.

Even at 500 to 600 bucks a pop, the gaming system is certainly bringing the people in or out, rather. Despite temperatures in the 50s, some of people have been waiting outside Longview's Best Buy since 5 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, causing many people to wonder "why?"

"My brother came in from Iraq yesterday and this is the only thing he wanted for Christmas," says Brandi Sisk.

"We always want the toy of the year for my grandkids," says Judy Raiford.

"I'm a gamer, I'm a 100 percent pure gamer, I'm not here to sell it, I'm here to get it," says Matthew Johnson.

But there are people waiting in line hoping to make a buck off the Playstation craze.

"Go home, put it on E-bay," says Christy Clinnard.

"They were selling for 2200 dollars this morning and we're going to spend 600 so why not," says Ben Tyler.

"[It's a] good capitalist opportunity," says Aaron Gentry.

Only 400,000 are being sold in the U.S. That means the demand is going to be even higher.

"With such a limited availability on the units, they're wanting them really bad so they're willing to wait for it," says Michael Reed with Best Buy.

Playstation 3's are going for anywhere between 2 thousand and 5 thousand dollars on E-bay.

So far, we've found the only store selling them at midnight is Walmart, both in Tyler and Longview.

As for other stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, and Target, people will wait all night for the stores to open at 8am.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com.

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