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11/16/06-Memphis, TN

Seventeen Puppies Born To Pit Bull Terrier

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Carrie Ronewicz of Memphis owns a very tired American Pit Bull Terrier. Her name is "Pretty Girl".

One, two, three, four..

"She looked like a balloon about to pop," says Ronewicz.

Five, six, seven, eight..

"I can't believe she had that many in her stomach," says Ronewicz.

Nine, ten, eleven, twelve..

Ronewicz says that she about passed out on the vet's floor.

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen..

"When they said 17, I said you gotta be kidding me. You're joking right?"

The vet was not joking.

The owner says that the terrier looked like a pregnant sheep. She could barely walk.

"We thought initially we had 15, then we counted 16 a couple of different times." says Ronewicz. "Finally to top it all off, we got our final result of 17."

Ronewicz came home with 17, but one died when Mama got into the same box with the puppy.

"She jumped into this box with him and she laid on him and suffocated him."

There are still 16 that need constant care and attention.

Ronewicz has 5 kids to help her.

I don't think "Pretty Girl" could handle any more.

Now, if you're wondering, the 17 puppies born is not a world record.

The record is 24 puppies born to a Bull Mastiff.

Ronewicz wants to sell her puppies (there are 8 boys and 8 girls).

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