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11/15/06-Martin's Mill

7 Questions With Jordan Barncastle

Martin's Mill post Jordan Barncastle was the MVP of last seasons state championship winning team. As a junior she already knows where she will play college ball. But would she know the answers to our 7 Questions?

Best part of having your dad as coach? 
Jordan: It is personal but at the same time, it's kind of impersonal because he's my coach and he's my dad and I know he's a lot harder on me.

Worst part of having your dad as coach?
Jordan: I think oh, he's yelling at me too much. He's going to be mad at me when we get home. But we both try to do a good job of keeping in on the floor and not taking it home and yelling at each other at home and the fact that he always knows everyone of my grades.

Advantage of being so tall?
Jordan: Actually, this lady at Walmart the other day came up to me and I had never seen her before in my life and she was like can you help me get this off the top of the frozen foods aisle, and I was like, uh, yeah.

Embarrassing moment on court?
Jordan: In the fifth grade I was going this way and on the very first shot, I scored for the other team.

Why did you pick Texas Tech?
Jordan: I got to connect with the coaches and I met with the girls. I thought it was awesome and I couldn't see myself anywhere else.

Girly-girl or tom boy?
Jordan: I would say I'm a happy medium.

Favorite part of winning championship?
Jordan: It was incredible. It was everything we hoped it would be and it was everything that we had worked for.
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