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Vatican Set To Discuss Celibacy

A group of married priests is asking the Vatican to reconsider its rule that requires practicing priests to be single and celibate. This comes after an Archbishop announces he's married and has ordained four other married priests. This week, the Pope has called a meeting to discuss the issue.

We spoke with St. Mary's Catholic Church in Longview Wednesday. They say the Vatican will not necessarily be discussing if priests will be allowed to marry, but mainly what to do with married priests wanting to enter the priesthood. 

"I don't see that they'll ever make it where priests can get married. Married men might be allowed to be priests but really with the demands we make on the priests being present with the people and things, I don't see it coming," says Father Gavin Vaverek.

The church told us, they do not expect Pope Benedict to relax a rule that has been place for a thousand years.

Tracy Watler/reporting:

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