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11/14/06-Ridgeland, Mississippi

Mississippi Cross-Dressers Mace Mall Customers

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Eleven people are in custody after a mace attack at Northpark mall Monday evening in Ridgeland, Mississippi.  Shoppers were overcome by the fumes, and several were taken to area hospitals, including a six month old baby. 

The attack was unprovoked. Northpark shoppers and mall employees were caught off guard.

17 year old Anna Mabry has asthma. She says it was frightening, and she can't understand why anyone would use mace on innocent people. 

Sgt. Tony Willridge of the Ridgeland police department says they got the call around 6:20 Monday evening. He says it didn't take long for officers to round up the eleven suspects, all of whom were cross-dressing black men between 18 and 25 years old.

Willridge says police are investigating to find out where the group got the mace.   Witnesses tell us at least 10 people were given oxygen outside the mall. 

Audrie Thompson, the general manager of Northpark, said, "We don't comment on specific investigations by local authorities, but as always, our number one concern is for the safety and well being of shoppers and mall employees."  

The eleven suspects were processed at the Ridgeland police department. They will be transferred to the Madison County jail. They could faces charges of aggravated assault.

Authorities will be monitoring the condition of the victims, especially the six month old baby.  

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