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Teacher Resigns After Allegations Of Inappropriate Contact With A Child

An East Texas teacher has resigned following an investigation into alleged inappropriate contact with a child. Friday, Tyler ISD removed 38 year old Stephen Clem from his 3rd grade class at Owens Elementary school.  Parents say they found out about the removal after their children came home from school saying they had to talk with police. 

Monday, KLTV 7 spoke with several concerned parents about the teacher and the accusations.

"My daughter came home, told me police officers talked to several children. At first I thought it was just a guest speaker," says parent of 3rd grader.

But it was all part of an investigation.  A father of a 3rd grader agreed to talk to us as long as we didn't identify him. Today, he and 7 other parents spoke to the schools' principal about what their children say they had witnessed in the classroom.

"She actually named a child and said the teacher will rub her shoulders, waist and hair area while she is taking a test to make her feel more comfortable.  He will whisper things in the children's ears.  After talking to several parents the same thing has happened to other young female girls," says parent of 3rd grader.

The parent says this isn't the first questionable behavior from the Clem.

"He would tell the children that they could not tattle tell unless you are bleeding, on fire or dying.  We felt like what he was teaching them was to be quiet and not tell their parents about certain instances and that it was very very odd behavior for a teacher," says parent of 3rd grader.

"We take the safety and security of our students very seriously.  Whenever there is an allegation of this type in regards to a child we take that matter very seriously." Angela Jenkins, Communications Director, Tyler ISD.

  Parents say their only concern is to make sure the school is a safe place for their children.

   Many of the parents were frustrated their children were questioned by police and never notified. But Tyler ISD says they were just gathering information and only notify parents if a child is a suspect.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com

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