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11/13/06-Liberty City

Couple Say Near-Death Experiences Give Hope After This Life

For James and Darlene Nelson, their experiences -- their brushes with death -- happened decades apart.

James was a very young child, and became very ill.

"I looked [up] and it was just real bright, and you just could tell that it was someone and an image.  Somehow you just know this image is God," he recalls.

He says even at that young age, he could communicate with God.

"I was in this wonderful place, and it's impossible to describe how beautiful it was and peaceful, [with] love and joy," he says.

Though he was so young, he says what he saw, heard and felt is impossible to forget, like the view of himself from outside his body.

"I looked through this hole, and I just see myself laying on this little thing in the doctor's office [from above]."

His wife, Darlene, had a similar brush with death decades later.  She was diagnosed with cancer.  In a hospital room, she started bleeding internally.  She felt herself slipping away.

"It is the most wonderful, most peaceful place, there's no way to describe it.  You don't talk with your lips.  Whatever you think, [God] communicates with you.  You know you're talking to God," she explains.

She says medical help arrived just in time, and she was brought back.   Only then, for the first time, did she understand exactly what her husband says happened to him.

"How wonderful. It's such a peaceful feeling that I can't tell you how wonderful it was."

And the urge to stay in that heavenly place was overwhelming.

"If I ever do that again, don' t bring me back," says Darlene.

James says God told him he had to come back to his earthly body.

"The Lord said 'I want you to go back.' I have something for you to do. I said 'Oh no, I don't want to leave this place.'"

He says God had a purpose for him and his wife -- to help others.  And they want to tell others their belief that the end of life on Earth is not the end at all.

"I want to do all I can to be a witness for the Lord all of my days until I get to go back to that wonderful place.  And it is a wonderful place to go to," James says.

Morgan Palmer, Reporting

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