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Pizza Woman Delivers More Than Robbers Bargained For

Kristina Jennings has been robbed on the job, twice, in the exact same spot, but the Tyler pizza delivery woman says she was determined not to let the crooks get the best of her this time.

The robbery happened in broad daylight Saturday afternoon at the intersection of 31st Street  and Grand in North Tyler.

Kristina's back at work Monday, in spite of the robbery. When she was robbed the first time, she says the theives held her up at gunpoint, beat her, then got away with her wallet and credit cards.

Since then, she enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard. She says that helped prepare her for this time.

"My door flies open.  The pizza goes out. He runs that way and shuts my door. Then, the guy on the driver side opens the door, punches me in the face, grabs my shirt and my steering wheel. He says, 'if you don't get out of the truck, I'm going to kill you.'  I basically stepped on the gas and probably drug him about 20 or 30 feet."

"He had his left hand on the steering wheel. He was actually trying to push the brake, but as soon as I saw him try to push the brake, I just stepped on his hand, and he just kind of rolled off."

"The last time, when they had the gun, I was scared enough to go ahead and give it to him.   Since I've been through some military training and some military tactics, and stuff like that, how to cope with things, I was like, 'okay. If I don't see the gun, I'm going to go ahead and go."

"If you let one person try to get you down, everybody's going to try and get you down. So, you might as well just step up and say, 'Here I am again. You didn't mess with me good enough to take me away from my job'," says Kristina.

The two robbers did get away. Tyler Police are asking anyone with any information to please call them.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting:

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