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Beavers Threaten New East Texas Park

A beautiful new recreational lake is being threatened by rodents. Earlier this year, Synergy Park opened to the public in Kilgore, bringing new office buildings, a pavilion, and a walking trail to the area. The park surrounds a ten-acre lake called Elder Lake.

It's a lake with a beautiful view, surrounded by nature and part of a new, multi-million dollar park. But Elder Lake is slowly being destroyed. 

"They've been in here a long while," says Harold Renfro, Owner of "Beaver Solutions."

He's talking about beavers. A colony of them are taking over the lake, building dams, and raising some concern. 

Bobby Beane, Vice President of the Kilgore Economic Development Corporation says, "we feel like we're charged with the stewardship of the park and the lake and we need to take care of that before it becomes a problem, not after it becomes a problem."

So KEDC has hired Renfro and his company "Beaver Solutions" to control the beaver population.

Renfro says, "the population of beavers has just literally exploded...if you leave the beavers unattended, unmanaged, it's very costly to the city, to the citizens."

That's because Renfro says beavers can create a multitude of problems. 

"Irreversible tree damage, they'll end up losing a lot of these trees that have been chewed on," he says.

And the way the beavers chew on the trees creates a sharp point on the edge and Renfro says that can be dangerous to anyone who wanders off the trail.  And not to mention, possibly undermining of the dam. 

"If there is long term damage to that dam it could cost us a lot more later on to's a beautiful park and we want to keep it that way for the citizens," Beane says.

That's why this company will continue their work, removing the creatures causing such destruction.

Harold Renfro says he has since caught the dominant male and female pair, but noticed the female recently had pups. Renfro adds that if you ever see a beaver, do not approach it because it's teeth can bite through fingers.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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