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"Does It Work"-11/14/06

StickUp Bulb: "Does It Work?"

Do you have a spot in your house, maybe a closet or workbench area that needs a little extra light? This week's "Does It Work?" product might just be the thing.

We tested the StickUp Bulb in a small closet type room where our reporters record their audio. It's the bulb that needs no outlet or wiring. It uses advance "Krypton" technology.

Close inspection reveals some of the StickUp Bulb's secrets. The outer bulb shape is pretty much cosmetic. Screw off the plastic shell and you'll find the small "Krypton" technology bulb. We pop in four AA batteries and we're almost set to test it out. The mount is secured with double stick tape and the bulb unit slides right into the mount.

We are ready. Lights out and we pull on the string.

 The StickUp Bulb illuminates this small room. We compare it with a 40 watt bulb, and there's no comparison. But we're still impressed with the StickUp Bulb's illumination, portability and simplicity.

"Does It Work?" We give the StickUp Bulb a "yes."

The StickUp Bulb is $9.99 at several East Texas retailers. We purchased ours at Target.

The StickUp Bulb is shatterproof, cool to the touch and the maker provides an extra Krypton bulb in the package.

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