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East Texas Man Get Ring Back, Lost For 40 Years

Imagine, an item you hold dear being lost for nearly two thirds of your life, then one day getting a phone call from someone who says they have it.   That's what happened to Chuck Osborne, of Gilmer, two weeks ago.  

The 58-year-old grew up in Quanah about 80 miles northwest of Wichita Falls near the Oklahoma border. He told KLTV 7 News about the lengths one man went through to make sure he got his ring back.

"I was really surprised. There are no scratches on the stone and it's in real good shape for it being lost for 38 years, it's excellent," said  Osborne. 

Osborne was 20 years old when he lost his high school ring. "I was a bit upset because I spent a lot of money to make sure I got the best ring I could get," said Chuck.

Osborne thought he left the ring at a cafe either in Quanah, where he went to high school, or Childers, a nearby town. What he didn't know was that it was found by a cashier, who tried for years to find him.

When she died, her son, Roland Bruce, made it his mission to find the owner. "She died in 1989 and then his father died in 2000 or 2002 and he was going through her boxes of things and that's the way he found the ring and began his hunt," said Osborne.

For three years, Bruce searched for someone with the initials C.M.O. who attended Quanah High School in 1966. 

"He said he'd contacted the Chamber of Commerce in Quanah and contacted the newspaper trying to find me," said Osborne. Bruce told Osborne he was able to find him, with the help of a post office worker in Childers.

"I couldn't believe that somebody would go through that much trouble to return a high school ring," said Donna Osborne, Chuck's wife.  Chuck and Donna have been married for 30 years and she had never seen his high school ring. Because Chuck was in the military, they moved around, and lost items that were of sentimental value.

"He was on a high school championship football team and did a lot of things in high school and doesn't have a thing to show for it. This is it!" said Donna. Donna says she's grateful to Bruce for giving her family something so special back. "I would love to be able to thank him again, except my husband lost his phone number," said Donna.

Chuck says the gesture has shown him that there are honest, caring people in the world. Chuck says the ring no longer fits his finger. He says he plans to put it away in his wife's jewelry box, so that it's never lost again.  

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.  ortega@kltv.com


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