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Power of Prayer: Akua Morrison

Most of her life, Akua Morrison felt she would one day be on the mission field.  She says its goes back to birth when her father had returned from Africa where he had learned a new name.

"Well, my father got back from that trip and when he arrived back in the U.S. that was Tuesday and on the next day I was born. That was Wednesday. So I was named Akua, born on Wednesday, and I feel like that is very important because he stamped destiny on me and didn't even know it from the time I was born," said Akua.

Akua would spend most of here childhood here in East Texas.   Graduating from Robert E. Lee High School, she headed off to bible college in Dallas.  At C.F.N.I. she would meet her husband, Scott, who shared a calling for ministry.  The two would later marry and accept a youth ministers position in Oklahoma. 

All was going as planned until the birth of their first child. Six months into her pregnancy, their daughter would be born premature. She would only live two hours.

"Just after that situation occurred, we had so many questions for God," remembers Akua. "Why did this happen. It really threw us underground. That is the best way I can say it. We just said, 'Okay, we can't deal with religion right now because it is not answering the questions that we need to have answered'.  We just threw ourselves into working and making money.  We still went to church. We didn't go out just start living crazy lives. We just had to deal with ourselves."

The Morrisons would move back to East Texas and eventually found the strength to enter the ministry again.   At one of their first gatherings they got confirmation.

"And a minister that was there said, today is May 11th," said Akua.  "And we looked at each other and said, 'Oh my gosh.  It's been exactly seven years to the day that our daughter died.' But seven years a lot of times means completion and it was neat the way God brought us full circle and we were back in the ministry. We were back doing what we were meant to do."

The couple always felt they were to serve in a foreign mission field but did not know where.  It was just a few years ago they went on a short-term trip to Uganda.

"What was happening, what we were seeing happening, especially in the village area is people were getting saved.  They were coming to know the Lord, men especially. And after they came to know the Lord they thought the next natural thing for me to do was to become a pastor. They had no training, no education. They didn't know the Word and so they were getting before people and saying things that were just ridiculously off the wall," said Akua. 

It would take a year and half to raise the money and support but Akua and her husband have now been serving in Uganda for almost a year.   They opened a bible school to train pastors and they are working with the people in the village of Tororo in the areas of public health.   Despite the rough road to get here and the difficulties that lie ahead this couple believes it was the power of prayer that lead them here and will provide as their mission in Uganda grows.

"It was the place we were created to be in this moment in time," said Akua.  "I know for myself the way that I am, it would be difficult if it wasn't so much about, this is where I'm supposed to be. That's what makes it easy. "

Clint Yeatts, Reporting.  cyeatts@kltv.com


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