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Alzheimer's Walk At Longview Mall

      The Longview Mall was filled with walkers trying to raise money to fight a debilitating disease tonight. Over 300 mall walkers joined "Catch the Hope", this year's theme of the annual Gregg County Alzheimer's Walk. Many who joined into the 30-minute walk, were sponsored by local companies. For most it was a cause that has affected their families.  

    "That's mainly the reason we're here to raise money and funds for, hopefully to get this cured and whether it takes cell therapy some manipulation I don't know but I just hope that medically they'll get something that will cure this so we can extent our families life a little longer" said walker Janice Timmons, whose mother suffers from Alzheimers.  

     The money raised from the walk will go to the Alzheimer's Alliance of Northeast Texas.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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