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Veterans Honored At East Texas School

           A moving ceremony organized by an East Texas school paid tribute to all past and present veterans of the U.S. military.   With the children of soldiers serving overseas leading the pledge, Ore City students said thank you to all those who have served. A welcome message to many veterans.

    "People rallied after desert storm they received the soldiers that came back from there with pride and honor again, it restored faith in our country" says Air Force veteran Lynnette Moser.

      The veterans here fought in every war going back to World War II. Many today were awestruck to be in each others' company.

    "It's been a great honor to sit down with all the veterans, i feel it's important for me, my country, fellow veterans as they are"  said current Army Private First Class Walter Estes.

   "The history they helped create over the years, also it's a time to remember those friends of mine lost in combat" said Patrick Moser, who fought with the Marines in Operation Desert Storm.

      81 year old W.D. Crawford fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and won 5 Bronze Stars in every major campaign in Europe. Memories that haunt him.

     "They'll wake you up about every night, care enough about you're country to go to war for it, man I'm proud of what i did, i was scared to death don't misunderstand me, but I'm proud" says Crawford.

      There were fathers and sons who were honored together, and remembrances of those who never came back.

    "That patriotism is still alive and well" says Lynnette.

   Over 70 veterans were honored at the ceremony today. All were either alumni, or had children or grandchildren who attend Ore City schools.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting 

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