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Arson Investigation Seminar Held In Longview

      A 3-day gathering in East Texas to snuff out Arson. 143 fire investigators are in Longview for the 23rd Annual East Texas Arson Investigators Seminar. The seminar focuses on the latest innovations in arson site investigation and evidence gathering. There have been 22 arsons in Longview this year and 12 are still being investigated, which is why this seminar is so important.

       "We want to catch them we want the conviction we want the arrest we want to stop it before it hurt's anybody, and that's the bottom line its a safety issue for the public" said Longview Fire Department Captain Jerry Cobb.

     "This is going to help us prepare our cases, either that we have right now or future cases that we bring to the d-a's office" said Longview Assistant Fire Marshal Jimmy Purcell.

       The seminar continues tomorrow at Maude Cobb Activity Center in Longview.    

 Bob Hallmark, Reporting 

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