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11/4/06-Log Cabin

Small East Texas Community Teaches Youth To Fight Crime

It's a group to fight crime, just for kids. The small community of Log Cabin, near Athens, recently started a Youth Crime Watch program that focuses on leading children in the right direction.

Shirley Duckett, the advisor coordinator of the Youth Crime Watch Program, says she has a dream: to help the children in her neighborhood from going down the wrong path.

"The youth is all about learning about crime," said Duckett. "There are so many meth labs here, and that is one of my goals is to teach kids about the drugs and what to stay away from and how to recognize them."  

Recently, an actual log cabin was donated to Duckett and the Youth Crime Watch program. Y.C.W. is a national organization that teaches kids they can make a difference.  The past couple of months, Duckett and the children have been busy repairing and cleaning it up.

"We're going to have tables and chairs for the meetings, and I would like to get a couple of video game arcades in here, so the kids can have something to do," said Duckett. 

So far, 14 children have signed up. Carla Deaton, 13, knows what the group is all about.  "It's to clean up the community and get some crime out of the neighborhood and everything like that, and give kids something to do other than drugs," said Deaton. 

Duckett says they are always looking for more children.   If you would like to join or help them out with their cabin, call Shirley Duckett at 903-489-9723. 

Molly Reuter, Reporting.  


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