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Nine-Year-Old Boy Starts His Own Newspaper

An East Texas boy has taken up quite a task.  He has started his own neighborhood newspaper. For $1 a month, residents in a Noonday community, get to find out everything that's happening with their neighbors.  This adventure has turned into quite the learning experience for this aspiring journalist.

"He woke me up early one morning and said, 'Mother I have this great idea. I want to start a newspaper'," said Cathy Krafve, William's mother.  

"She said, 'Yeah, that's a good idea, let's get started'," said William. 

That week in July, William's first issue of the South Shore/North Shore Telegraph was printed. William, who is homeschooled, says he spends about five a hours a week putting his articles together. He visits neighbors or calls them up to get his information.

So far, William has 42 subscribers.  Margaret Epstein, 80, who lives right across the street, says she really enjoys the three-page publication. "I'm learning a lot, even from people who also have lived here for 20 or 25 years," said Epstein.

William not only writes about what's happening in his neighborhood, he also inserts bits of household advice he learns from subscribers. In his last issue, he even got a local restaurant to let him include a coupon for a free drink with a purchase.

"Not only is he learning all these good business skills and some writing and some reporting, he's learning really sweet things from the people he interviews," said Cathy.

William delivers his newspapers on Mondays. He's trying to print four issues per month instead of two. Some people have paid for their subscriptions for six months in advance. Williams says he wants to be either a reporter or an actor.  

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.


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