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Hunters Gear Up For Deer Season

      Deer season opens this weekend and local hunters are busy getting those last minute items that they hope will help them bag that big buck this deer season.

     "We've been seeing a lot of business, we've been selling a bunch of guns getting ready for the season" said sporting goods salesman Josh Wilson of Academy Sports and Outdoors.

     In spite of a long drought, biologists say the deer population in Texas is thriving, and east Texas hunters traveling to west Texas or the hill country to hunt, should have equal success.

     "The deer population looks pretty healthy. It's pretty much within the carrying capacity of the habitat. I think that they're going to see lots of deer which is usual in the hill country" said Texas parks and wildlife biologist Charlie Muller.  

      There are some new gadgets, this year, to help give hunters the edge, like high powered binoculars, scopes, attractants, camo clothing, along with electronic hand held bug and mosquito zappers, doe scent for attracting big bucks and even carbon lined jackets to hide human scent. And there are some new rules as well. Whitetail's very often use fence lines as walkways and hunters know that, but there's a new law that will keep hunters from firing a shot past a fence line.

     "The new law states that it is illegal for a projectile to cross a property line, it's a safety issue it's the people on the other side of the property they deserve the right to walk their property and feel safe" said Upshur county game warden Lana Carraway.

     A violation could mean a $500 fine.   Deer season opens this weekend and runs through the end of December. Check with your individual counties for different bag limits.

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