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Chris Bell Stops In Longview

      Chris Bell, the Democratic candidate for governor made a stop in Longview Thursday.  In what will probably be his last effort to influence east Texas voters he addressed a crowd of supporters on the Gregg county courthouse steps.  He talked about the Goodyear plant closing in Tyler.

      "Obviously the state didn't do enough Rick Perry was in a perfect position to use his slush fund otherwise known as the Texas enterprise fund for the purpose of keeping those jobs here and he wasn't willing to do anything and that makes no sense" Bell said.

      Bell downplayed any possible backlash to the democratic party from senator John Kerry's comments earlier this week.

     "I encouraged him to apologies and he did apologize and I think we're ready to move forward , he's a decorated war veteran I don't think he meant any offense to our fighting men and women, of the united states and he apologized I think that was the right thing to do" he said.

     Bell continued campaigning today with visits to Marshall, Atlanta, and Texarkana.  Early voting ends tomorrow across Texas.

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