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Exclusive Dash Cam Video From Police Chase

54 tickets in the same night. All for his part in a chase with an East Texas police department.  KLTV has the exclusive dash cam video.  Saturday in Jacksonville a man led police on a chase which lasted almost 2 hours. Today, we sat down with Jacksonville's police chief to take a look at that video.

"It went forever because the man was not going to give it up," says Chief Reece Daniel, Jacksonville Police Department.

The chase began a little past 10 o'clock and a Jacksonville police officer attempts to pull over a truck.  

"For making an improper right turn," says Chief Daniel.

But the driver does not stop and the chase begins.

The chase winds around the town in both residential and commercial areas. It lasts for an hour and 45 minutes.  It ends shortly after spikes were put down.  

"They had the spikes out and he ran them over.  So he is getting ready to run on flat tires and he's still keeps going," says Chief Daniel.

While the chase is dangerous, Chief Daniel says it is important to take the person off the streets.

"In this instance with what this gentleman was doing.  We are not going to let him go. He was far too dangerous," says Chief Daniel.

The chase finally ends.  The man running from police is 43 year old Stanley Tilley. He's arrested on 54 traffic violations, including evading arrest.  We ask Chief Daniel if they know why Tilley sent police on the chase?  

"He told someone since then, he was looking for a good lighted spot to stop and be safe.  I don't think it takes anyone one hour and 45 minutes to find a well lighted spot," says Chief Daniel.

Chief Daniel says you should think twice before trying to out run police.  

"It's not worth trying to run. You can't out run us or the radio.  You can't out run all of the law enforcement here in the county," says Chief Daniel.

Chief Daniel says Tilley was on federal probation for drug charges at the time of the chase. Tilley was taken to the Cherokee County Jail where he has bonded out.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com

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