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11/02/06 - Tyler

Tyler is Storm Ready

A ceremony in Tyler today could help you save money on your homeowners premium in the future.

Mark Frazier, the Warning Coordinator Meteorologist for the National Weather Service declared Tyler as an official Storm Ready Community.  He says the city is prepared for all kinds of weather events. "Severe thunderstorms, tornados, flash floods, hurricanes for example. They're not as frequent, but obviously they have a large impact when they do occur along the Texas Coast and then further inland"

It was a simple ceremony with a few short speeches, and one plain certificate. When it was over, Tyler was officially Storm Ready. Fire Chief Neal Franklin says it didn't really take the city much extra time or money to become Storm Ready. "Through those processes that we normally do, suddenly we realized we had met the requirements by the National Weather Service."

Being Storm Ready means the city has several ways of receiving warnings from the National Weather Service about severe weather, and has several ways of telling Tylerites about those threats, and has already prepared for just about every type of weather emergency. "We've had tornado drills, we've had ice storm drills, we've had hurricane drills," said Franklin. "

So how does this save you money? Well,insurance companies rate cities on their emergency management. Franklin says, "Currently Tyler's a 3. We're trying to lower that to a 2, which will reduce cost of homeowner's insurance for our citizens of Tyler. This is another step which potentially can help us reduce that rate."

A drop in the rate for the city could eventually mean a drop in home owners insurance premiums for you, keeping you better protected during severe weather in the process.

Four other East Texas cities have already been named Storm Ready by the National Weather Service. They are Texarkana, Longview, Lufkin, and Nacogdoches.

Meteorologist Stephen Parr

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