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Some East Texans Angry At Senator's Iraq Statement

Senator John Kerry's apology about remarks he made regarding education and the military has come a bit too late for some East Texans.  Many believe Kerry's statement questions the intelligence of those serving in uniform.       

  "Well I was watching it this morning on CNN and the first thing I wanted to do was throw my coffee cup through the TV set again" said U.S. Navy veteran Amos Snow.

     That's the typical reaction we got today from veterans and family members of servicemen when we brought up Kerry's speech.

    Tammy Osborne's son just graduated from Pine Tree High School. He is now in the Army. Tammy believes the statement questions the intelligence of those serving in uniform.

    "Just one individual just one percent of the population in all the combined services that is serving our country protecting us so that you can lay your head down at night and go to sleep safe, so that Kerry's can stand up and say whatever he wants to say" said Osborne.

       Military recruiters we talked to today say current recruits are more educated and professional that ever before.

    "What's interesting is people think you can just walk off the street and join, you have to have a certain education requirement you have to have a certain physical requirement" said Longview army recruiter staff sergeant John Love.

     Recruiters say most people don't meet their educational requirements to join, and 75 percent of the population could not pass entrance exams for any of the branches of service.

    "it's an insult to me , it's an insult to anyone who's been in the military to everybody who's in, and it's a double insult to me because I've got a son in the military" said air force veteran Jerry Westphalen.

   For veterans it's a matter of respect.

   "A typical meely-mouthed politician who doesn't have the guts to stand up and say yes I said that" said Snow.

Bob Hallmark 

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