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Longview City Council Member Resigns

    A Longview city council member announces his resignation Wednesday. Tommy Finklea has stepped down as Longview's District 6 Councilman. He says he's decided to buy a ranch-house outside the city, and will no longer live within District 6. So, he must give up his duties as council member, effective immediately.

"I was available to buy this ranch out of the city. It's just an opportunity that I've always wanted to move to the country and I've always wanted to raise my son out in the country. This is an opportunity I couldn't pass up," he says.

Finklea has untill November 9  to retract his resignation. Within four months the council must hold a special election to fill his position. Until then, the council will conduct business as usual.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com.

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