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7 Questions With Gordon Booker

The coaches know him as "Book."

Senior offensive lineman Gordon booker is the team's character with the Longview lobos. So we had plenty of fun with this round of "7 questions."

John King: Tough Coach or Big Teddy Bear?
Gordon: Tough coach always. It's nothing soft about him. He's got a soft side when you are winning but when you are losing that is one of the worst people you want to be around.

Who started the pre-game chant?
Gordon: I can say me and D'Marcus miles. We came up with it. We wanted to do something because we got tired of being quiet before we walked out.

Worst part of football practice? 
Gordon: I can't repeat what Coach King calls it but when he ges the red, we know the rest. When we have to star practice over. He starts tossing that hat, that's the worst part.

Best dancer on the team?
Gordon: Me. I got the moves.

Your favorite team to play against?
Gordon: Any team that's going to give us 50 points. My favorite team to play against is probably Lufkin because there is so much rivalry with that game.

Teammate that most resembles the Steelers troy Polomalu?
Gordon: I'd have to say Darron Pair with the long hair. You would think he was playing for the Steelers even though he has a Lobo uniform on. We get on him and say he looks like a girl, we call him Alicia Keys.

Favorite foods at Thanksgiving?
Gordon: Looking at me, I don't have one favorite food, it's all of it.
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