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Military Mom's Say Kerry's Comment Was Ignorant And Insulting

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  • 11/1/06-WASHINGTON

    Bush: Kerry Owes Troops An Apology

    Bush: Kerry Owes Troops An Apology

    President Bush joined senior Republicans attacking Sen. John Kerry for telling college students they'd "get stuck in Iraq" if they didn't study hard. Bush called the comments "insulting and shameful." Kerry hit back at the GOP attacks, saying he was criticizing President Bush and not the troops -- and that his words were being twisted for political gain.More >>

Pam McGee's son, Blake, decided to enlist in the Marines shortly after 9/11. When she heard the senator's comments, she says she was furious.

"I was incensed. I was angry. I was just appalled that he could sit there and say that. I just wanted to call him and say, 'Mr. Kerry, what you don't know is that my son had options. He could have gone to college. He chose to do this, because it was really important to him," says McGee.

At the age of 22, Corporal McGee has already been honored with a Purple Heart for his two tours of duty in Iraq. There, he was injured in two separate IED attacks, and took a ricochet round to the back of the head. When his service is finished in a year, Pam says her son will go to college.

"That may surprise Mr. Kerry. There are a lot of boys that are doing that. There are a lot of boys that is the very reason they decided to go into the service," says McGee.

Last April, Suzan Gill and her family watched her son Chris cut down a yellow ribbon. It was hanging around their tree while he fought in Afghanistan where he was also injured. Since his return, the Sam Houston State graduate has returned to his job as a pharmaceutical sales representative.

"There's just no way you could say his intelligence is any less, and that's what I felt this is. It is a slam on the intelligence of the United States Military," says Gill.

Both mothers say they couldn't be more proud their son's military service. While they disagree with the senator's comments, they say free speech is one thing their sons were fighting to protect.

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