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School Districts Discuss Potential Losses Of Goodyear Closure

As best they could tell, Brownsboro ISD school officials say the number of Goodyear families within their school district is about 100.

"If each of those 100 families have one child that go to our school, that's 100 children. Many I'm sure have more than one," says Brownsboro ISD Assistant Superintendent Vicki York.

Where there's students, there need to be teachers. What if these children have to be taken out of the schools.

"For every 24-25 students that's one teacher. If we lose 100 students we very possibly could have four teachers that we would not need after the closing of the plant... if all those people relocate," says York.

Each Brownsboro student represents about $6,000-7,000 in state funds. Do the math and up to $700,000 could be at stake.

"We certainly hate to lose a large employer," adds Tyler ISD Superintendent Dr. David Simmons.

Tyler ISD would take an $800,000 hit, taxes Goodyear contributes.

With a backup fund in place, TISD says it doesn't anticipate a bump in the road.

"We're blessed in TISD to have a very strong fund balance that could carry us through an interim period where we lose our tax base. So we're certainly disappointed but we don't think it will have a significant impact on the operation of our school district," says Simmons.

The exact extent of any losses for the school districts remains to be seen. An ironic end to Goodyear's absolute decision to leave East Texas.

Brownsboro ISD also told us a handful of their teachers have spouses employed by Goodyear and had to learn today their loved ones were officially out of a job.

Christine Nelson reporting. 

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