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Safety Skit Provides Local Children With Halloween Hints

  Monday, the day before Halloween, Pine Tree High Schoolers put on a skit about Halloween  for first and second graders. While entertaining for the kids, it was also informative. The high schoolers say they hope the message of the skit will stay with the kids Tuesday night as they are trick or treating for candy.

"We really want them to be safe because it can be really dangerous on Halloween especially in the dark and with a lot of kids and not as many parents so we really want them to remember what we taught them today," says Pine Tree High School students Katelyn Stark.

  The list of Safety Tips is basic, but essential:  
  Don't take candy from strangers or go inside someone's house.
  Don't go to houses where the lights are off,
  Stay in a group.
  Checking your kid's candy before the eat it
  Put reflective tape on costumes.
  Use makeup instead of a mask so children can see clearly then they cross the street.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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