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At Least A Dozen Cars Burglarized Overnight In Tyler

When a neighbor knocked on Clifford Tatum's door this morning, it wasn't for a friendly visit.

"She stopped and knocked on the door and said, 'Look. Your car's been broken in.'  I walked out, and this is what I found," says Tatum.

A smashed window, and a door that was still locked.  Tatum thinks the thief or thieves gave up after seeing there was nothing valuable inside.

It was the same story with Chris Blevins' car.

"There wasn't too much in the car. It was a factory stereo. It just surprised me. It didn't look like the door had been opened, because there was still glass hanging in the door at the time," says Blevins.

There was a cell phone lying in the front seat, but whoever is behind all of this didn't bother taking it.

One of the break-ins happened at the corner of Ninth and Robertson, and the homeowner, Nancy Loper, says this is not the first time she's had a problem with someone trying to mess with her car.

"I've had two cars stolen, a lawn mower, two or three [cars] broken into; even with lights, security lights and everything.

This time, it was Nancy Loper's son's car. She was out for a walk this morning when she noticed his window was smashed. Inside, the thief or thieves left her son's CD player, and a watch lying in the front seat.

"The minute I reached in and opened it this way, the alarm went off.  They knew that if they unlocked it, the alarm would go off," says Loper.

Those responsible didn't steal from every one of the cars they broke into, but they took the peace of mind from some living in the Tyler neighborhood.

There have also been several car burglaries in Longview. Many of them happening in church parking lots on Wednesday and Sunday nights.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting:


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