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10/27/06-Smith County

Smith County Jailer Arrested

  A Smith County jailer is arrested for allegedly smuggling a cell phone to an inmate. Investigators say Shermeka Lagarde, 32 gave the phone to a prisoner she had a relationship with.   Lagarde is the second Smith County jailer to lose her job this month. Last week, the sheriff's department says they fired Kenya Bush for giving information to an inmate about another inmate he was plotting to kill. She has not been arrested. Sheriff J.B. Smith says despite the timing of these incidents, situations like this do not happen often.  
  "You can't fix stupid when they do stupid things, and what we have to do is do what we've got to do and that's file charges on these people," said Sheriff J.B. Smith. "There are 200 jailers down there that are good people that are doing their job, and so when you deal with over 300 employees on a daily basis you are going to have problems."  
  Lagarde has been charged with bringing a prohibited substance into a correctional facility. Sheriff Smith says right now, they do not believe Bush and Lagarde's cases are related, but a connection could be made later.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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