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Nellie Update

It was about two weeks ago, when we first told you about Nellie, a chocolate lab, who's recovering after being dragged down a Van Zandt County Road, then left on the roadside severly injured.

The sheriff's department has turned the evidence over to the DA. On the department's website Sheriff Pat Burnett says 'the investigation has revealed the dog was indeed dragged behind a vehicle which was occupied by two 17 year old males. The investigation has shown, however, that the dog was tied to the inside of the truck bed; not to the bumper, as demonstrated by news re-enactments. Both 17 year old subjects have been interviewed, as well as, all witnesses to the offense. The investigation has shown this very well may have been an unintentional act.'

We'll continue to update you on the status of this investigation.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting:

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