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East Texas Parent Claims She Was Dragged By A School Bus

An argument between a parent and a school bus monitor. The parent says it ended, when she was dragged alongside the moving bus.  It starts on a Tyler ISD bus route located off Lavender Road, that just North of Loop 323.  KLTV spoke with the family's attorney and the school district about the incident which has many sides to the story.  

"She had told her mom, that the bus driver had cussed her out," says Donald Ellis, Frazier's Attorney.

That's the reason, attorney Donald Ellis, says his clients, Karren and James Frazier, wanted to talk to the bus monitor. They approached the bus and the conversation turned into an argument.   Tyler ISD police reports says an officer heard the bus driver over the radio tell someone, "Get away from the bus."  

The bus driver says when he asked Karren to move, her husband James Frazier "thumped" a lit cigarette at him which hit in the side. Then later according to Donald Ellis says Karren's arm got stuck in the door of the bus.  Karren thinks she was dragged about 100 feet.

"While she is being pulled, the big tire bus tire is right here. Had she had slipped and fell under that and that was her main concern she was going to die. If she would have fallen underneath that she would have been dismembered.  Mr.  Frazier is running along side beating on the side and eventually putting his fist through it," says Ellis.

"The Tyler ISD police report states that it is probable that the bus was moving," says Angela Jenkins, Communications Director for Tyler ISD.

Tyler ISD police are the lead investigators.

"There is some conflicting information. In the reports and statements from the different parties including the distance the parent claims that arm was stuck in the door," says Jenkins.

The witnesses who were Dogan Middle students told police, "The bus was in motion when James Frazier broke the window.  And the students estimate the bus traveled 6-15 feet."

"The point is, we should not be dragging our parents of students from Tyler ISD down the road with a 10,000 pound bus," says Ellis.

TISD says, for now, the bus driver has been assigned to other duties and the bus monitor has been placed on a different bus. The Tyler ISD police did issue Karren and James Frazier citations for assault and disruption of transportation. The Fraziers' attorney says he hopes the DA will issue assault charges against the bus driver.

Karolyn  Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com

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