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When Is Someone Considered Too Old To Drive?

In Arkansas last week, an 86-year-old woman crashes through the front window of a grocery store and kept going, hitting two customers.

It casts a shadow on other elderly drivers. In her 89 years, East Texan Aubie Lee Dailey says she's never had a wreck.

"I feel comfortable behind the wheel. I want to drive until I'm 100. I want to live until 100," says Dailey.

Ed Zugates says he's never had an accident either, but says his daughter thought it best to take his keys away.

"She said, 'No dad. We just don't want you to drive anymore... your age'," says Zugates.

"I think it's important that if you're considering taking someone's driving privileges away that you be very sure that they are truly a significant risk," says Dr. Kent Davis with the Center for Health Aging at UT Health Center at Tyler.

To determine that risk Dr. Davis says there are obvious signs to look for.

"Such as a lot of tickets, a lot of wrecks, hitting cars, missing lights, making a lot of mistakes," says Dr. Davis.

But naturally, Dr. Davis says, telling that person they can no longer drive can be upsetting.

He adds, "The important thing is to tell them why. And what I try to tell them is that what you don't want to be is a headline."

Dr. Davis says setting an age cut-off for drivers across the board is not the solution.

Dailey agrees saying age is just a number, "It would definitely depend on their health. I've had three bypasses and I'm just as good as I was and I see good. I don't even have to wear glasses."

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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