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Lindale Police Looking For Owners Of Abandoned Bikes

There's a huge pile-up of bicycles inside an East Texas police department. Lindale police officers say their storage building is filling up with lost, abandoned and stolen bicycles. They say they do not plan on keeping the bikes around much longer, so the owners need to step up.

"We've had calls from residents saying, we found a bike behind our house or we found a bike on the front driveway," said Lindale Police Department detective Chad McElyea.  He says there are nearly 20 bikes ranging from big to small and from beat up to practically brand new.

Detective McElyea says some of the bikes have been there up to a year but pretty soon that might change. "We are going to hold these bikes for about another month, a month and a half. If these bikes are not returned to the rightful owner, we will donate them to Toys For Tots or some other organization," he said.

If you're missing a bike, Detective McElyea says to contact the police department. You'll be asked to give a description of the bike and then officers will check to see if that description matches one of the bikes they're holding.

Detective McElyea says if you own a bike, you should keep a description log. He says to write down the model number, the make, speed and any distinguishing marks. "If they've added a custom seat, custom grips, pretty much anything they've done different to the bike that would help identify it," said McElyea.

He also suggests taking a picture of it. He says that will make their jobs easier if your bike goes missing.

He says don't leave your bike unattended. He believes the reason so many bikes have been left abandoned recently is because of the population growth in Lindale. He says there are more people with bikes, and also a higher risk of property being taken because there are more people around.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.


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