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Halloween Costumes Selling For Longview Shop

    Halloween costumes have become just popular  for adults as for their children at one Longview business. Every year there's a new hot costume for adults to change their identities for just one night.     From larger than life heroes, to frightening vampires, at the massive "Parties Plus Warehouse" in Longview, there's no end to the characters you can become, and that includes adults.

    "They can act like fools for one night and have a good time, and step out of their shells they're usually in with their co-workers and family and get out and have fun" says Parties Plus co-owner Ray Stringer.

      Some are looking to be something they've always wanted to be, but never dared. There are standards of super heroes and villains, monsters, and the still popular star wars. One of the hottest costumes this year is pirate costumes because of the hit film "Pirates Of The Caribbean".

   "Pirates by far, because of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and everyone loves that it's a good thing for adults and kids to wear" Stringer says.

      Merchants order costumes as early as March, and still can't keep the costumes on the racks.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com  

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