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10/25/06-Smith County

Tire Dump Found Feet Away From Family's Dream Home

An East Texas family is in the process of building their dream home only to discover something buried feet away from their new house.  

"We bought this property with our dreams of making our new home," says Leticia, Smith County Property Owner.

Leticia and her husband bought this property 7 months ago, unaware that the site of their new home lies less than 100 feet from a buried tire dump.

"When we started to work towards the back of the land, my husband came up with tires and trash that was underneath the dirt. The more he dug, the more he found," says Leticia.

After finding more than 100 tires, they called Smith County Environmental Investigator Danny Brasher.

"There is about 2500 tires that we have uncovered. It's pretty terrible that this property is so pretty and then we find a dumpsite," says Brasher.

Brasher estimates the tires have been here for 25 to 30 years.

"We have found the previous owner, who is now deceased, was allowing people to come on the property and charge them and allowing them to dump household garbage and tires," says Brasher.

Brasher has warned the family not to drink the water from the well until they can test it.  

"I had it tested and they said it was fine.  But that is still in the back of my mind, How long will I have to keep testing it?  Just to find out that the water is going to be okay," says Leticia.

However, Leticia says the tires are not going to make her give up her dream.

"This is what are dream was and all we can do is hope and pray it doesn't come up this far," says Leticia.

Brasher says they contacted a company to help the family clean up some of the land.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com 

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