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Eyewitnesses In Dog Dragging Say Mother's Story Doesn't Add Up

As Jan Brasher and Brenda Oldfield watch our story from last night, they say there are a few differences in the mother's version and what they saw when they found Nellie. 

Tara Landen, the mother of one of the boys admittedly involved in the incident told us the night Nellie was injured, she was leashed in the back of the pick-up.

Brenda says that's not true.

"They [Jan and her husband] saw her tied with a rope around her neck, and she had no collar. There was no sign of a collar having been on her.  There was no indentation in her hair where she had a collar to be leashed."

Tara says when her son noticed Nellie jump out of the truck, he and his friend pulled over, took her to the roadside, and checked to see how badly she was hurt.

"He laid her down, and he was trying to feel of her, and he said she wasn't breathing or anything," says Tara.

Jan says, "They probably came up like a quarter of a mile and stopped. Got out. Untied her. Drug her in the ditch, and then got back in their truck and left."


"So you didn't see them on the side of the road with her?"

"No," says Jan.

Tara says her son and the driver left the dog on the roadside for more than an hour, but she says they intended to come back.

"He'd gone to get something to wrap her with," says Tara.

"They left her for over two hours, at least two or two and half. We were there.  That's what is so bad.  There was help a few tenths of a mile down the road. Jan and her husband were out there. If they'd have wanted help, if they'd wanted somthing to wrap her in, they didn't have to leave," says Brenda.

Tara says her son was an animal lover and would never intentionally hurt one.

"I want to pray that they did not know they were doing that, but as an animal lover, a true animal lover, when he got out and saw what he did, he could not have walked off and left her there to die even if he thought she was dead," says Brenda.

The evidence in the case has been turned over to the Van Zandt County District Attorney's Office.  They will put it before a grand jury who could formally charge the two boys.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com


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