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Local High School Fight Put Online

Video blogs like youtube.com are sweeping the nation. Anyone from anywhere in the world can post a video online for all to see. The technology is especially popular with teenagers, but it can be taken too far, even right here in East Texas.

A fight breaks out inside a classroom at Longview High School. Two girls are seen pulling on each other's hair. The 15-second video was taped by another student with a camera cell phone. 

"Fights happen all over Texas, ours is just unfortunate that a student put it on video,
 says Brian Bowman, Public Relations representative for Longview Independent School District.

But that's not all, whoever taped the fight also posted it on youtube.com for millions to see, a disturbing trend that's gaining popularity amongst teenagers. 

"Students may think of it as a joke and it may a cool thing to do to post it online. What they're not realizing is the negative consequences that it has," says Bowman.

If you simply type in "School Fight" into youtube.com, nearly 4,000 hits come up, all video of fights at school.

The issue is raising concern for educators everywhere, including Longview High School Principal Milton Wallace. 

"This only can help to encourage and keep things going when it's all over with...I have a concern from the standpoint that someone would do this and think that it's cool to do," he says.

Principal Wallace says he's worried that kids posting fights online may lead to even more fights. He says he's still trying to figure out just how to deal with camera phones and video blogs. For now, the two girls caught fighting received three days suspension each. They still haven't located the person who recorded and posted the fight.

We tired Wednesday after to pull up the video again and we were greeted with the message "Video removed by user."

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com.

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