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7 Questions With Luke Shivers

From the first game of the season against Forney to last week's thriller against Hallsville, Luke Shivers has been an unstoppable force on the Wildcats offense and defense averaging 10 tackles a game. But how well can he handle our 7 questions?

How did the Luuuuuuke chant start?
 I think it was last year during basketball season. Two of my friends came up with it for some odd reason, I really don't know.

Whitehouse: Cinderella story or a given?
 A lot of people think it's a Cinderella story outside of our program. But within our program we knew we could win we just had to prove it.

Guy on the team that gets the most girls?
Luke: Me. I'm kidding. Probably our safety Stephen Hicks. Got to give him props. He gets the girls. He's pretty good at that. He runs some game.

Why did you pick your jersey number?
: It started with a kid on our team. His older brother was a running back. He kind of gave it to O'Brien Bell, which when I was a freshman, he was a senior and he was the running back. So he kind of passed it along to me and when I get done I'm going to try to pass it on.

Your most embarrassing moment on the field?
Probably against Jacksonville. It was one of the first plays of the game last year. I was blocking and some dude just trucked me and I ended up doing a back flip. I got ragged the next day by all my teammates.

Best run you've ever had in a game?
The Hallsville game last year. I guess towards the halftime when I kept my balance and scored a touchdown.

Last question: team motto?
Play four quarters. Don't ever give up. We have close games and we're up, you've got to finish the quarter.
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