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10/24/06-Grand Saline

Nellie Update: Grand Saline Woman Says Her Son Didn't Mean To Hurt Her

Tara Landen Tara Landen
Nellie the dog Nellie the dog

Tara Landen remembers the night her son came home and told her there had been a horrible accident involving his dog.

She's now widely known as 'Nellie', but Tara says the labrador used to be called 'Sonic' after the place where her son found her.

"I told him, you can keep her, but you have to put her somewhere else," says Tara.

That's because her son already has a pit bull named Oprah. Tara says Nellie went to live with a friend, and her son visited her all the time.

"He would go by and feed her and take her with his friends," says Tara.

Tara says the night Nellie was injured, she was leashed in the back of a pick-up truck. Her son was riding in the passenger seat, and a friend was behind the wheel. Tara says her son told her that's when Nellie jumped out.

"He said, 'we didn't even know she jumped out.' They pulled over right away and loosened her up. Then laid her in the grass.  He laid her down, and he was trying to feel her, and he said she wasn't breathing or anything," says Tara.

She says her son and the driver left the dog on the roadside for more than an hour, but Tara says they intended to come back.

"He'd gone to get something to wrap her with, because the friend he was with, that was driving, didn't want to get anything on the clothes that he had in the back of his truck, because he'd been kicked out of his house for a short time. He went back, and she was gone," says Tara.

Tara says her son was an animal lover and would never intentionally hurt one. She says the outrage in the community has taught her an important lesson.

"It's really taught me how wrong it is to have that type of attitude, and jump to conclusions when you don't know the real story," says Tara.

The investigation into what happened to Nellie is supposed to be turned over to the DA this week. Then, it will be up to a grand jury to decide whether official charges should be filed.

We checked with the veterinarian who has been caring for Nellie. He says she continues to slowly recover, and will be in his care for a few more months.

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