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Dessert Becomes The Main Course At East Texas Yamboree

        With the 69th annual East Texas Yamboree in full swing, one contest annually captures the interest of some intense competitors,the yam pie judging. The oldest competition in the Yamboree is also the most intensely competitive. This year, more than 50 contestants battled for yam pie supremacy.

        "It's just bragging rights for another year , everyone says she's won it 5 times or she's won it ten" says Yamboree pie contest chairman Mary Beth Johnson.   

    It's a tough competition that returning combatants take seriously.  

     "We are very intense we all want to win first place and get the grand prize" says competitor Jewell Richards.

     Armed with only yams and pie crusts , they must convince judges that their pie, looking so similar to the rest, is the best on many levels.  

      "We judge them on a number of things, the appearance the crust flavor then also the filling flavor,  those that are less smooth wouldn't make the cut" says pie judge Jill Parker.  

    They don't do it for the money, because there isn't any. It's the prestige of winning. And there's still a lot more to check out at this year's Yamboree, including the big event, the Yamboree parade. That starts tomorrow at 11 on the downtown square.


Bob Hallmark, Reporting 

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