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10/18/06 - Tyler

Gift of Love: Deidre, Remarkable 14 Year Old

Deidre enjoys getting her hair fixed. After all, fashion and cosmetology are her life long career goals. "I like to design my own stuff and I have a sewing machine and fabric," she says while getting her hair washed.

Today she's getting a partial make over from Leanne Berns at Cutting Edge in Tyler. "Do you think you could make it sweep across my face?"  Leanne responds, "Sure, anything you want."

"Diedre is fun and she's funny. She's a great kid to be around, very interactive and talkative. I think she would just be a great addition to any family," says Lisa McFarland with Child Protective Services.

This 14 year old has been in foster care for about two years. "I think foster care was the best decision I every made because the situation I was in wasn't too good. I don't regret it but I wish I could go back and talk to my parents."

Lisa says, "She was removed due to abuse and she was in a home where there was a lot of domestic violence."

Despite an unstable home, Deidre has a determination to success. She enjoys being involved in activities like art, flags, twirling, dance, sports and most of all, "I love band. I really love percussion. Actually school is my favorite part of the day. I don't know why, it's just when I wake up in the morning I just love going to school."

Deidre has been bounced between three different foster homes. She says her first foster mom changed her life. "She did show me toward God and I was saved. I got saved and baptized so I love her for that."

Her next stop wasn't as positive. "My second foster home they told me over and over that they were going to adopt me. Then one day they said, 'Sorry Deride, we're not going to adopt you and, oh yeah, you're leaving tomorrow.' So that really hurt me."

It made her even less trusting. "I didn't know what to expect and so every time I go into a new foster home I put up this wall and say I don't want to get close to you because that happened to me and I don't want the same thing to happen to me again," explains Deidre.

Deidre says with time, she will trust again. "I would like to be a single child but if I had an older brother or sister that could protect me and show me that they care for me I would love that. Other than that, I would love to be an only child so I could have the parents to myself I know that kind of sounds selfish but I would really love that."

Deidre needs a patient and supportive family.  She says,"In a foster home you have so many rules you don't even get to stay the night at other people's houses. You don't get to do half the stuff real children get to do. It just leaves a hold in your heart."

Deidre left the salon with her new look, waiting for a new life. She's hoping that hole in her heart will soon be filled with the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Deidre, call our Gift of Love hotline, toll free, 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan reporting.

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