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Flu Shot Delivery Delay

If you're wanting a flu shot from the Northeast Public Health District in Tyler you're going to have to wait. The clinic has already given out all of the flu shots it had but more are on the way. Today, KLTV has learned there's not a supply shortage, but a delay in shipment.

"We ran out yesterday.  So we won't have any until hopefully Friday. We order 3,000 and got 500," says Jannis Thomas, Immunization Program Coordinator with Northeast Texas Public Health District.

Jannis says, she is frustrated with the delay of the flu vaccines year after year.

"We are at the mercy of the delivery people to get the vaccine to us. We order it but we have no control over when or how we get it," says Jannis.

She says the health district expects to get 200 vaccines this Friday.  

"That doesn't do anything, with the number of people that we usually see for the flu clinics," says Jannis.

A sign outside let's the public know.

"They won't have any in until the end of the week," reads Howard Wilson, who is looking for the flu vaccine.

Every year, 77 year old Howard Wilson and his wife Dottie get their flu shots here at the health district.  

"I just accept what happens, no use getting bothered about things.  Life is too short to let things stir you up," says Howard.

Dr. Paul McGaha, Regional Director for Texas Department of Health, says this year 35 million more flu vaccines doses were manufactured, nationwide.  

"There are several manufactures and distributors it's just taking time for it to ripple through that and get it where it needs to go. With time, late October or mid November there should be enough for everyone that needs it," says Dr. McGaha.

Dr. McGaha says the peak of the flu season is not until February so there is still plenty of time to get vaccinated.  

We did contact our East Texas hospitals, most have received more than 50% of the vaccines they ordered. You should first check with your doctor and see if they give the vaccine. Also, there are a few clinics going on. A Flu and pneumonia shots will be available at two East Texas malls.   You can get vaccinated from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The shots will only be given on Fridays and Saturdays until November 4th at Tyler's Broadway Square Mall, and Longview Mall.   To find the nearest flu shot clinic in your area. You can also call 211.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com

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